What's New at MCDC

Minor Updates (November 2018)

Geocorr Application Updated (November 2018)

By popular demand, our Geocorr (Geographic Correspondence Engine) application now offers correlations using the 115th and 116th congressional districts. The new version is called Geocorr 2018. This app should be considered a "beta" version while we watch for problems. Eventually Geocorr 2018 will replace the 2014 version, since it includes all geographies available in the earlier version. The new version also includes 2016 state legislative districts and an updated option for weighting results by estimated 2016 population.

Major Site Changes (October 2018)

Welcome to the greatly updated and reorganized Missouri Census Data Center website! Regular users will note substantial changes in our design and content, including:

These changes were necessary for two reasons: the retirement (in July 2017) of John Blodgett, our longtime colleague and primary maintainer of the MCDC data archive and website; and our moving from an antiquated, long-out-of-warranty web server to a new one with better speed and storage capacity.

Although many pages have been moved, renamed, or deleted entirely, we've done our best to ensure that the old links will redirect to the proper new locations, where applicable. Nevertheless, we encourage any users who have bookmarked MCDC pages to check and update their bookmarks accordingly. Eventually we will remove the redirects, as they consume server resources.

We have also retired a number of older applications and data collections for lack of use (as determined by our server logs and web analytics). Although such data and code is no longer accessible through our site, in most cases it's been archived and is still available upon request.

If you can't find a page, application, or data collection on the updated site, please contact the web manager at riceg@missouri.edu.

Data and Application Updates (Summer 2018)

We updated numerous datasets and web applications on this site and our companion website, https://census.missouri.edu.


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