Geocorr 2018 Notes

This page describes known problems or limitations related to the Geocorr 2018 application.

Problem: County name changes in two states.

Alaska and South Dakota each had a county name change in July 2015. In Alaska, Wade Hampton Census Area (02270) became Kusilvak Census Area (02158). In South Dakota, Shannon County (46113) became Oglala Lakota County (46102). The Census Bureau chose to change the counties' FIPS codes in addition to the county name change. Otherwise, all boundaries and subcounty area names and codes remained the same.

Our imperfect solution to the problems caused by the code changes is to simply replace all instances of 02270 and 46113 with 02158 and 46102, respectively, in the Mable18 database. The consequence is that county-level correlations will output the new (post-2015) county codes and names — even if pre-2015 geographies are also selected. Users running county-level correlations should be aware of this and replace the new codes/names with the old ones when applicable.

Note that this affects only AK and SD.