Counts of Workers Commuting From District of Columbia Counties
Each Flow Represents at Least .5% of All Trips Originating in the District of Columbia County
Sorted by Residence Geography

Work Flows From (CountyR) Total work trips
in CountyR
Work Flows Into (CountyW) Work Flows % of ALL trips
in CountyR
ending in
% of ALL trips
ending in
CountyW originating
in CountyR
District of Columbia DC 260,884 District of Columbia DC 190,566 73.0 28.4
    Montgomery Co. MD 19,509 7.5 4.6
    Prince George's Co. MD 13,655 5.2 4.6
    Fairfax Co. VA 12,244 4.7 2.4
    Arlington Co. VA 12,164 4.7 7.4
    Alexandria city VA 4,040 1.5 5.0

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Report Produced by the Missouri State Census Data Center: