Dexter Quick Start Video

Video-based Companion to the Dexter Quick Start Guide

This tutorial consists of a collection of video modules where we cover more or less the same material that you can see in the Dexter Quick Start Guide. The difference is in the media. In the Guide you view static pages and you read the words. Here you get to see what we were talking about. This is Show and Tell. Just click on the underlined links to view the video modules. You'll need to have a browser that has been configured to invoke a plug-in module that can play video clip (avi) files (for most IE users the obvious choice is the Windows mediaplayer). Note that some of the video files are rather large and may take several minutes to download and begin playing.

We have not found a trick to tell the browsers to "stream" the videos so that they can start playing before they have been fully transferred. If you know of a way around this, we'd like to hear from you.

  1. Overview and Header Section (13:03)

    This covers the basics of what Dexter does and how it works in conjunction with the Uexplore navigation module. It shows the process of navigating to the sample dataset that will be used througout the tutorial. It then takes you through the top of the Dexter Query Form, the part preceding Section I.

  2. Sections I & II (14:38)

    Here we fill in Section I and talk briefly about Output Format options. Section II is where we spend our time, building a simple filter based just on the state. Then we return to the form and demonstrate a more complex filter involving the state, the metro area, and a demographic characteristic filter. Illustrates how to modify your query after it has already run once.

  3. Sections III & IV (8:09)

    In this module we demonstrate selecting variables for our report output in Section III of the form. Then we add some titles in Section IV and display the report as a pdf file. Finally (and optionally, you can always stop the video once you see the first report) we go back and use some of the easier Advanced Options in Section V of the form to improve the format of our report.