Rankster Video-based Tutorial

Examples of the Dexter Postprocessor Ranking Utility Application

This tutorial consists of a collection of video modules where we demonstrate via computer-screen videos with commentary several complete examples of how the rankster utility application can be used to generate reports and data files. Just click on the underlined links to view the video modules. You'll need to have a browser that has been configured to invoke a plug-in module that can play mp4 video files (for most IE users the obvious choice is Windows mediaplayer). Note that some of the video files are still somewhat large and may take a minute or two to download and begin playing.

  1. Overview

    This is a brief introduction and overview to the application (ppt presentation).

  2. Example 1: Ranking US Counties by Total Population and Measures of Population Change (15:21 )) This example shows a simple, typical use of rankster, initially using mostly default choices from the rankster query form. We then back up and tweak the sample application to demonstrate some the application's flexibility.

  3. Example 2: Ranking U.S. States by Poverty Rates. ( 7:45 )

    In this example we filter our latest single-year American Community Survey "mcdcprofiles" data set, selecting data at the state level and for the urban and rural portions of the state. We focus on a series of measures having to do with poverty. Nothing fancy here on the rankster side - most of the tricky part comes in coding the dexter filter.