Missouri Census Data Center

Circular Area Profiles (CAPS)

There are now two newer versions (using more current data) of this application:

  • caps10c that uses 2010 census data extracted from SF1. And...

  • caps10acs that uses the latest 5-year period estimates from the American Community Survey.

This application will aggregate 2000 Census data to approximate circular areas as specified by the user using a point location and 1 or more radius values. Data used are from Summary File 3, the standard MCDC extract. See the notes page for details.

Enter coordinates for the site in decimal degrees: See Usage Notes for links to web sites where you can enter an address and get its latitude-longitude coordinates.
Latitude:   (or, enter 5-digit ZIP/ZCTA code)
Longitude (west assumed):   (dd.mm.ss format may be used for minutes & seconds)
(Optional) Enter a name for your Site:
Enter up to 5 radius values, separated by blanks, in ascending order:
(Optional) Select one or more states and the program will limit its data search to just those states.
Select the geographic units to be aggregated:
Select the Demographic Table(s) of Interest:
(See Sample report)          
Uncheck to suppress auxiliary report showing county pops within circle(s)
Check to see detailed geographic units within circle(s) report.

The   Missouri Census Data Center   is a sponsored program of the Missouri State Library within the office of the Missouri Secretary of State. The MCDC has been a partner in the U.S. Census Bureau's   State Data Center  program since 1979.

Questions and comments can be addressed to John Blodgett at OSEDA.