Credits (Geocorr V.3)

This version of the Geocorr program is an adaptation of the Geocorr2 version. That code was developed by John Blodgett, senior Programmer/Analyst at the University of Missouri St. Louis, under contract with CIESIN/SEDAC, and is jointly owned by John Blodgett and CIESIN. Funding was provided by NASA (NAS5-32632). For more information contact (517.797.2727). Permission is hereby granted to use this code, or parts thereof, provided this statement is included, with the exclusion of usage for commercial redissemination. Warranty "as is".

We ask that you include appropriate acknowledgement in all published work that uses information derived from any of the MABLE/Geocorr mirrors. Please acknowledge the mirror site for providing access to MABLE/Geocorr and the joint owners (Blodgett/CIESIN).

Extensions to the previous version have been partially supported under a contract between the Missouri State Library and the University of Missouri. John Blodgett of the UMSL Urban Information Center is still the primary developer, with production assistance and moral support from Hendrik Meij, soon to be formerly of CIESIN.

CIESIN/SEDAC thank OSEDA/UIC and the Bureau of the Census for providing the resources to mirror the MABLE database and installation of the Geocorr engine.

CIESIN/SEDAC gratefully acknowledges the contributions of all its staff regarding this application.


(Urban Information Center - U. of Missouri St. Louis)

(Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network)

(SocioEconomic Data and Applications Center)

Bureau of the Census
Data source for Summary Tape File (STF) and Tologically Integrated Geographic Encoding Referencing system (TIGER) databases.

(Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis - U. of Missouri)


This work, including access to the data and technical assistance, is provided by CIESIN, with funding from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under Contract NAS5-32632 for the Development and Operation of the Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC).

Data Errors, Corrections and Disclaimer
CIESIN follows procedures designed to ensure that data disseminated in CIESIN's host are of reasonable quality. If, despite these procedures, users encounter apparent misstatements in CIESIN's host, they should contact CIESIN Customer Services at 517/797-2727 or via Internet e-mail at CIESIN will notify the original data provider of the apparent errors or misstatements, and will attempt to correct any errors or misstatements. Neither CIESIN nor NASA verifies or guarantees the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the data provided.

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