Missouri Census Data Center
Temporary test page for invoking the mcdc's new rankster web app

Specify the Input Data Set:  Tell us where the data set is that you want to invoke Rankster on. You can enter this in one of the following two ways:

  1. Enter a fully-qualified path such as /pub/data/acs2008

  2. If you want to post-process a dexter extract data set (output from a dexter run where you specified to keep a SAS data set output) you can enter the word dexter followed by a number, the rightmost numeric portion of the dexter Job ID as displayed on the Output Menu page. If the Job Id is 12OCT09_00007 (for example) then enter a value of dexter7. (this will only work on the same day - Oct 12, 2009 in this example).

Enter the SAS data set name (leave blank if accessing a dexter extract):

Invoke the app:

Questions and comments regarding Rankster should be sent via e-mail to Glenn Rice.

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