Missouri Census Data Center

Single-County IRS Migration Profile This application will generate a migration profile with data regarding movement into and out of the chosen county based on tracking movement reflected in IRS tax returns in consecutive tax years.

Choose a county:

Click here to access state-to-state migration profiles.

Choose one or more tax-year combinations to see movement for those years:

The report will by default show all counties that had a minimum of 10 tax returns indicating a move into the selected county or out of that county. You can raise the threshold for a shorter report by entering a number here:
Note: You cannot lower this threshold. No data are available for counties that had fewer than 10 returns identified as entering or leaving the county from/to another county.

The   Missouri Census Data Center   is a sponsored program of the Missouri State Library within the office of the Missouri Secretary of State. The MCDC has been a partner in the U.S. Census Bureau's   State Data Center  program since 1979.

Questions and comments can be addressed to Glenn Rice at OSEDA.