Basic Tables: 1990 Demographic Profile Generator -Vers. 2

This application generates a single 1990 "Basic Tables" (demographic profile) report for any of the supported geographic units, including census tract, block group, city (no size limit), 5-digit ZIP code, state, county or metro area for anywhere in the United States. Enter only codes relevant to the area for which you want data. If this is your first visit here, you might want to check out the lots of helpful examples help page.

If you are interested in accessing the data used to create these reports in machine-readable form check out the Missouri Census Data Center's UEXPLORE application -- choose the Population category and then the stf903x "filetype" and then the Readme file.

Enter the 2-digit FIPS state code or postal abbreviation, or "us", etc.) Enter the 3-digit FIPS county code See link to code page, below. Enter the census tract/BNA code. (Leading zeroes optional; state & county required.) Enter the census block group code. (State, county & tract required). Enter the 4-digit census place code (5-digit FIPS code also OK. State required, county ignored. Leading 0's must be coded) Enter the 5-digit ZIP code (1991) (State recommended, but not required. County ignored.) This is the code used on the 1990 STF3B file. Enter 4-digit 1990 MSA or CMSA code. If a value entered for state then will display data for the state's portion of MSA. (MSA=Metropolitan Statistical Area.) Enter 4-digit 1990 PMSA code. If a value entered for state then will display data for the state's portion of PMSA. (PMSA=Primary MSA).


Need help with looking up the required codes? Here are some code reference pages:

County codes | Metro Area codes | Place codes

Related "Gopher" Application

(Actually, a former gopher application - it was converted in 1997.) An application that generates very similar reports has been running since 1993. It is still available but it has no small area profiles outside of Missouri. And it produces text-format only. This application also produces some related "Basic Trends" reports with comparable data for 1980. Missouri data or U.S. Data - Limited (STF3C) geography.
If you encounter any problems with this application or if you have comments or suggestions, please e-mail the author. For problem reports include a description of what parameter values you entered and what kind of output you got back.
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